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Boundary Violations – Protecting Yourself From Sexual Abuse

Gain knowledge and develop skills on how to be proactive for and react when a client crosses a boundary. 

In this workshop, we will:

Before an Incident

  • Describe how an RMT the risk might reduce chances of boundary violations

  • List ways to set strong boundaries

  • Spot "Red Flags" before a client violates a boundary

During an Incident

  • Compare a boundary violation vs. sexual abuse

  • Describe the best steps when a client violates a boundary

  • Explain how a treatment should be terminated

After an Incident

  • Identify resources that can help you after an incident

  • List steps to take after a client has sexually harassed you

This 4-hour course will consist of a combination of lectures and group discussions how to evaluate and respond to a client who harasses you, crosses a boundary, or even acts in a way that you aren’t sure is professional or not. We will discuss local resources for RMTs and touch on the how the law plays a role in protecting yourself. Included is a complimentary workbook with learning activities and a summary of the key points you’ll learn for you to refer to throughout your career. 

Cost: $140

The Shoulder Complex – Anatomy, Assessment, and Treatment Review

Rediscover the shoulder’s anatomy and enhance your knowledge and skills in assessing and treating common shoulder dysfunctions.


In this workshop, we will: 

  • Recall and review anatomy of the shoulder 

  • Describe the typical signs and symptoms of four common shoulder pathologies, namely:

    • Rotator Cuff Pathologies 

    • Shoulder Instability 

    • Scapular Dysfunction 

    • Adhesive Capsulitis 

  • Assess common shoulder pathologies. 

  • Choose best techniques for common goals of common shoulder pathologies, including:

    • Access hard-to-reach muscles 

    • Select and perform appropriate joint mobilizations. 

    • Assign effective remedial exercise. 


This 7-hour course will consist of a combination of discussions and hands-on practice on how to best approach assessing, treating, and educating your clients. Included is a complimentary workbook with learning activities and a summary of the key points you’ll learn on assessments, treatment plans, and remedial exercise for you to refer to throughout your career.  

Cost: $210

Regulatory Examination Tutoring

Even in New Brunswick, the Regulatory Exams can seem denting, especially to those from out-of-province and Massage Therapists who have been inactive out of school for some time. 

We offer tutoring services composed of two short remote learning (if preferred) sessions, one half-day session in-person, reviews and documents to help you study and prepare, and timely reply to any exam related questions you may have. 


- $470 as a base fee for one participant

- $40 for each additional participant

- Depending on the location of the in-person session, reimbursement for travel may apply

These tutoring sessions are scheduled by request, and tailored on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information!


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